• Emy Tapia

    Thank you for posting our girls picture!! My sisters in law, and my daughter, all cheering for their favorite artist. . .Hug me Pepe, Hug me Pepe!! Fernando Tapia Los Freddy´s

  • Elsa Garcia

    These are Pepe’s true fans, there were 9 of us that night, we are the Ambriz ladies!!!!!! Haven’t missed a Pepe’s concert in Pechanga yet. We are faithful to you Pepe Aguilar!!!! We love you and in love with your gifted voice.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Elsa-M-Garcia/1234705959 Elsa M. Garcia

    Great picture!!!! We know how to enjoy a Pepe concert: singing, dancing, standing and cheering! As always, we had the time of our lives! If the camera had panned a little to the right, it would have caught the other 5 rowdy & beautiful Ambriz ladies. <3